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Promo Fare to Cebu, Dumaguete and Bohol

Cebu Pacific Promo Fares: Hello everyone! It's payday! And what more valuable act you can do is get the worth of your hard earned income! Treat yourself to a new getaway. Travel to places you've never been or revisit destinations that you missed. CebuPacific is so grateful for this promo offering of plane tickets to their avid passengers or jet setters like us! There are three specific locations where you can enjoy and take advantage of booking a Cebu Pacific Promo Fare up to next year's travel period in 2018. Book now till Oct 20! 

As mentioned above or pretty much obvious in the title, the select destinations are Cebu, Dumaguete and Tagbilaran (Bohol). These places may sound very familiar to you. Maybe because of the festivities, the food, the local culture or their tourists attractions they offer.

Next Year's Promo Fares until June!

Cebu Pacific Piso Fare: Before we check out the next promo fares that Cebu Pacific is offering with us, let's try to do some back tracking with our travel goals that we set for this year or the previous year. If we can retrieve our travel journal in year 2016 on the things or trips or vacations we want to achieve for the current year, how far have we been through? Are the plans even working? Do we have enough time? Would our finances allow us to get that dream destination? We better do some retro checking on it so we can set what areas need improvements.

Why are we saying this? It is because, Cebu Pacific promo fares right now is set for a travel period until the half of next year. So whatever the #travelgoals we have this year, it should be hopefully achieved next year, 2018. As of the moment, there are three important promo fares that Cebu Pacific is offering. From Php 599 to Php 799 to Php 1099. All details are stated below. So continue reading after this post.

2018 Travel promo at 899

Cebu Pacific Promos: Here you go folks. Promo fares for next year's travel have been sprouting like mushrooms. All we need to do is grab our laptops or mobile phones and book a ticket to our next #travelgoal for year 2018. Thanks for Cebu Pacific for giving us the chance of a cheaper plane ticket. Why don't we check the available destinations where the promos can be possibly availed.

Certainly, those coming from the city of Golden Friendship can have the chance for a direct flight to the city of Gentle People. And what to expect in Dumaguete city? We would highly suggest to try Sans Rival Cakes & Pastries for their silvanas! It is so good and is really perfect for pasalubongs to love ones or friends when you get back home. Well, there is the famous Apo island where we thought photo capturing of sea turtles is not impossible as the island is inhabited of a number of these sea creatures.