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999 Promo Fare for this Month

Cebu Pacific Promo: What's up dear folks and fellow travelers? How's your travel goals so far? We are almost approaching have of the year now. And we are definitely sure, this summer, we've been checking new places or revisiting some spots we've been too. Well, for the the travel addicts like us, we are on on the look for Cebu Pacific Promo fares. And the current cheaper fare we can book is around Php 999. That is going to the land of chicken inasal and the city of smiles! No brainer, you guess it right, it's Bacolod. A one way ticket from Cebu is definitely on the dot! So if you are here in the Visayas, in the Queen city of the South, this is definitely an advantage.

If still looking for Piso Fare this 2018? Don't be disappointed if the Cebu Pacific has not released one. There are a few domestic and international routes that we can book with the travel period starting from May 16.

Promo fare of Php 22 for Cebu Pacific's Anniversary

Cebu Pacific Promo Fares: As you know, it has been 22 years when Cebu Pacific started to service flights to the Filipino people and other countries worldwide. As the low cost airline in the country, Cebu Pacific will celebrate it's 22nd Anniversary in the business. Promo might run from March 8 to 9, 2018. One can purchase tickets through their GetGo Credit, Debit or Credit cards.

The Php 22 is for the BASE Fare of the plane ticket. Expect mandatory FEES and TAXES to be added to the ticket but that's just very minimal.