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Promo fare of Php 22 for Cebu Pacific's Anniversary

Cebu Pacific Promo Fares: As you know, it has been 22 years when Cebu Pacific started to service flights to the Filipino people and other countries worldwide. As the low cost airline in the country, Cebu Pacific will celebrate it's 22nd Anniversary in the business. Promo might run from March 8 to 9, 2018. One can purchase tickets through their GetGo Credit, Debit or Credit cards.

The Php 22 is for the BASE Fare of the plane ticket. Expect mandatory FEES and TAXES to be added to the ticket but that's just very minimal.

Php 1299 to Tuguegarao

Cebu Pacific Promo Fares: A lot of international routes is on SALE. It's a perfect time to travel to our neighboring Asian cities and get to know the culture, scenic spots, history, customs of people, the art and most importantly, the food! As or the current Cebu Pacific promo, it is cheaper to visit Kota Kinabalu this time than to go to Boracay (Caticlan), Davao, Dumaguete, Naga, Roxas, Tablas or Virac. Of course, that is just basing on the plane ticket. You have to consider expenses that you might need to incur. But it is good to weigh things out. What is Php 1699 compared to Php 1799?

As of this point, a domestic flight to Tuguegarao is the cheapest you can get. But where is Tuguegarao? It is a province in the Cagayan Valley Region. It is definitely in the Northeastern part of Luzon, Philippines.

Php 899 promo to Boracay!

Cebu Pacific Piso Fare 2018: The Php 899 promo is back for more chances to travel to Boracay island come early summer this year! We believe that it is better to take advantage of this current Cebu Pacific promo fare to achieve that #travelgoals with friends and family. Definitely get ready with this quick getaway with nowhere but here in our country, Philippines. Other domestic destinations are also set on promo especially those coming from Cagayan De Oro, Davao, Cebu and Iloilo will enjoy the luxury to book such affordable plane ticket.


If you want to compare a flight to Kota Kinabalu against a domestic destination here in the Philippines, it will be cheaper to fly to Kota.  Those coming from Manila can enjoy to book for an international trip to these destinations  Ho Chi Minh, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore or Xiamen.