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Php 399 on Base Fare Before Summer Ends

Cebu Pacific Promo: Summer is not yet, over! You can still have more adventures to do. With the latest Cebu Pacific promo on some select domestic routes at Php 399 on Base Fare, this is something you can't let it pass. Book now and #MakeFirstMomentsHappen till May 21!

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Some international destinations will also be on promo.

Snap Sale at Php 999

Cebu Pacific Promo Fares: You have to be quick this time! Another Snap Sale only for today, May 15, 2019. Yes, you read it right! Beach trip, or cool weather? Your international adventure awaits! No promo code needed. The lowest plane ticket fare you can purchase online is Php 999. That's is flight with Manila as the base station. You have the option to visit Brunei, China through Beijing or Guangzhou, Vietnam through Hanoi or Japan via Osaka or Nagoya. Of course, there is more! Look below.

Please note that there are still cheaper fare from some select domestic flights that you can actually book. Of course, mandatory fees and taxes still do apply when booking only. What are you waiting for?  Book here now! .

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As of the moment, Cebu Pacific has not launched any domestic promos yet. We might need a few more days further before they release an info. For now, we have this snap sale going on for some select international flights. Note, the base station is MANILA.

Cebu Pacific Flight Cancellation Advisory

Cebu Pacific Promo: Cebu Pacific, the Philippine's low-cost airline is cancelling flights this month. Pls. be guided with this advisory. List of flights have been detailed below. So if you happen to be traveling on such specific dates, do refer below and double check you flight schedules.

Flight schedule changes (May 1-10, 2019) as of April 29, 2019, 8:00pm

Of course, more PROMOS you can find at the SIDE and TOP of this post. Feel free to click and check them. 

As part of the ongoing effort to improve on time performance and reduce inconvenience to our passengers, Cebu Pacific and Cebgo will be canceling 58 round-trip flights until May 10, 2019.