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Php 499 Promo Fare (at least)

Cebu Pacific Promo: It's the first day of August and Cebu Pacific has something for all of us with the latest promo fare of Php 499 from the base station, Manila. Have you planned your mid-year vacation? If so, this is the best chance to book tickets at a cheaper price. Book now until August 3, 2019! For the complete list, go to bit.ly/fb08012019.

And no need to worry this time. No promo code needed. Just go ahead through the Cebu Pacific website and all the ticket fare will be automatically calculated with the promo.

Of course, more PROMOS you can find at the SIDE and TOP of this post. Feel free to click and check them.


Again, for the international route, only select destinations are on promo. These are Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea. Of course, All Philippine destinations are luckily on promo too.

Php 499

From Manila
to Hong Kong to Taipei to South Korea to All Philippine Destinations.

Travel Period: September 1 to December 31, 2019.

Let us check some real time bookings from the Cebu Pacific website. From this, you will be guided or you will have an idea on how much you will have to pay for a one way ticket with this promo.

 One way ticket from Manila to Taipei at Php 499 Base Fare.

 This is one way ticket from Manila to Cebu with Base Fare: Php 599

 Another One Way ticket from Manila to Tagbilaran with Base Fare at Php 599.

This is a one way ticket fare from Manila to Davao at base fare Php 799

The above are just REAL TIME samples when we try to book a one way ticket through the Cebu Pacific website to check if the promo is really true. Based on the data above, you can see that a trip from Manila to Taipei has a cheaper Base Fare of Php 499. For domestic routes, base fare could start a bit higher of Php 100 from Php 599 to Php 799. As the destination gets farther from Manila, the base fare is also a bit higher. 

We hope you can do diligently when booking your tickets online. It takes a lot of research. Well, we have done a few for you so at least you can prepare a budget when you try to get tickets online. 

Happy Booking and hope you could share this article to your friends, family and colleagues at work. Forward this email and everyone will be happy!

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