Piso Fare 2020 with Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific Promo Fare
-brace yourselves with what Cebu Pacific is offering on its latest promo before the year ends! It is time to book plane tickets and take advantage of this PISO FARE sale. All Cebu Pacific destinations will have a base fare as low as PHP 1 (piso). Note this is just for one way.

Booking period is until November 13, 2020. There is no need to input a promo code.

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Travel period for this promo is from July 1, 2021 to October 31, 2021.

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You may use your Travel Fund to book your seat this #CEBSuperSeatFest!
Payment Centers are also available on Nov 12 to 13.


Other Payment options to buy a ticket?

If you don't have a travel fund or credit card, or is afraid to visit a physical ticketing outlet, one way to pay for your ticket is using paymaya.
Just download and install the PAYMAYA app. You may download and register here: https://paymaya.page.link/refer

Get P50 for FREE when you sign-up to PayMaya using our invite code after you have UPGRADED your PAYMAYA account.

Use our REFERRAL CODE: 3wewgk8

You have to UPGRADE your account for you to receive the P50 free credit. Just look for the 'UPGRADE' button on your app. Simply follow the steps to fill in your data. You will be asked to upload your IDs for verification as well as take a photo of your self using your mobile phone. A verification team will review your account withing 24 hours and you will then be notified of your successful account upgrade.

Load cash to your paymaya e-wallet. How?

Just visit any partner loading stations like 711, SM Malls, Robinsons Mall,  Palawan, Cebuana, Banks like online banking.

Be Cashless when you shop in malls too as most stores accepts PAYMAYA.

Again, don't forget to user our REFERRAL CODE to get that P50 credit direct to your account.


Use our REFERRAL CODE: 3wewgk8
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Where to Buy Essential Oils in Cebu?

Essential Oils Cebu - This is a special blog post that is not related to ticket fare promos with Cebu Pacific. This is created for the sole purpose of information dissemination. In our time of crisis such as this unprecedented pandemic we currently have, we need to keep ourselves as safe as possible not to catch the virus. As we travel in the future, there is that threat that we can't see of getting infected. So we thought of sharing this information in a way of preventive care that we can always do at home or even while we travel via plane or anywhere else, soon.

One of the preventive ways is to wear our mask, face shields and taking in vitamins to boost our immunity against the perils of health. Certainly, there is a new holistic approach that we can also try too.

Aromatherapy is a new clinical modality and not much of information is available to a common person or the public about it. So we want to give some light about this. It is actually a branch in "supplementary medicine" that makes use of our olfactory receptors with essential oils. A controlled and informed use of the oils is what makes Aromatherapy interesting.

Piso Fare Promo 2020 - June

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Piso Fare Promo 2020 - Just when you thought there is no more P1 fare promos because of the pandemic, but still Cebu Pacific has one for our Philippine Independence day anniversary.

Of course, more PROMOS you can find at the SIDE and TOP of this post. Feel free to click and check them. 

Happy 1ndependence Day! Book this #CEBSuperSeatFest PISO Sale now until June 14 for flights from Feb 1 to May 31, 2021.