Cebu Pacific (CEB) News Advisory

CEB Advisory

As of June 19, 2010, 2:56pm

NAIA navigational equipment (or VORs) broke down early today (June 19) and would likely be fixed by 8am tomorrow, per advisory from the Manila International Airport Authority. As a result, no landings will be allowed from sunset (6:27 pm) tonight until after sunrise tomorrow morning. The VORs (very high frequency omnidirectional radio) aid aircraft navigation, and are especially important in nighttime landings.

Cebu Pacific (CEB) is cancelling the following domestic flights to and from Manila:

5J 645/646 MNL-PPS (Puerto Princesa)-MNL

5J 349/350 MNL-KLO-MLA

5J 657/658 MNL-TAC-MNL

5J 903/904 MNL-MPH (Caticlan)-MNL

5J 457/458 MNL-ILO-MNL

5J 459/460 MNL-ILO-MNL

5J 479/480 MNL-BCD-MNL

5J 481/482 MNL-BCD-MNL

5J 579/582 MNL-CEB-MNL

5J 576/575 MNL-CEB-MNL

5J 569/570 MNL-CEB-MNL

5J 657/658 MNL-TAC-MNL

5J 971/970 MNL-DVO-MNL

5J 973/974 MNL-DVO-MNL

5J 969/972 MNL-DVO-MNL

International flights due to arrive tomorrow (June 20) will be delayed until runway operations resume after sunrise or if the equipment is fixed sooner than expected.

The airline will announce later today through the media and its Cebu Pacific Air accounts on Facebook and Twitter the re-scheduling of all affected flights for the information and guidance of its passengers.

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