Travel Essentials for Summer

CebuPacific: We can't deny that March 2017 definitely sets in our calendar. This could only mean one thing for a lot of people, it's officially SUMMER! Are we all ready to travel and swim in the pristine beaches of our country, like Boracay? Or say Anda in Bohol? Or other Summer tourists destination in the country? Let's not forget our travel essentials for summer. Also note to be in-style as well. Prepare for some #ootd photos to flood facebook and instagram! People now love to take selfies and so we have listed what we thought Summer Travel essentials for our dear readers and fans of our blog.


No matter season of the year, we set to it to carry whatever we think are essentials for us when we travel. Summer is one of the brightest and most colorful season in our tropical country, Philippines. It is where we take off our clothes or shall we say wear comfortable outfits and just relax in the breezy easy summer gig.

Here's the list we suggest you need to bring with you:

1. Summer Beach Tote bag - Any bag would do as long as it will fit all your travel essentials. After all, it will be the one to keep all your belongings.

2. Sunnies - It's nice you wear something to protect your eyes. A pair of sunglasses would be appropriate.

3. Hat - It you will be strolling at the beach shore or on your way to your travel destination, it's nice if you have your own personal shade! Your gorgeous hat, of course!

4. Phone - Capture memories with your camera phone. It's lightweight and you don't need to bring those heavy dslr cameras. Make sure it's fully charged. Of course, important for communication purposes too.

5. Selfie Stick - For those who loves to travel alone, a selfie-stick is your friend! Well, this is a generation where people take a lot of selfies! So go for it. Push it baby!

6. Slippers - This is the time of the year that you have to ditch your boots and formal shoes. When at the beach, wear your comfy slippers or sandals!

7. Extra Tank top - It's summer and expect that you will be sweating a lot! So, better bring an extra sexy tank top ladies, or loose shirts for men. Bring at least a two or more.

8. Bikinis or Board Shorts- Of course, you will be swimming and you will be flaunting those sexy curves. Why not wear your perfect summer bikinis then? Men can have their colorful beach board shorts too.

9. Bottled water - It's important to hydrate! So always bring a bottled water with you.

10. Sunscreen Lotion - Since you will be exposing yourself much under the heat of the sun. Better to protect yourself with sunscreen lotion. SPF 60 or higher would do this time.

We have listed the possible essentials you can carry with you when you travel. Have a fun summer getaway this year! Make sure to book your tickets too and avail the latest Cebu Pacific Promo through this website.

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