Experience the Philippines is the new DOT slogan!

CebuPacific: Hours ago, through GMA News TV, the Department of Tourism in the Philippines confirms the new slogan campaign to drive tourists to visit the archipelago. The old slogan which is "It's More Fun in the Philippines" is OUT. And the new tagline for the country's tourism campaign, "Experience the Philippines" is IN. So what do you think of this change of this slogan? Is it a yay or a nay? Let us know your thoughts. 

The official launching of the said slogan will be on June 12, 2017 during the Philippine's Independence Day.

According to a news source, before Secretary Wanda Teo became the department's Tourism secretary, she expressed to retain the said old slogan, "It's More Fun in the Philippines". As of now, the newly released statement changing the slogan has been confirmed.

However, a lot of netizens already have mixed reactions with the said change. Expressing that the new tag line doesn't make any appeal at all. What do you think? Will this new slogan work for the Philippines especially that the country is faced with a lot of tourism crisis. Share your thoughts.

Here's an UPDATE as of 3 p.m.

According to Kat De Castro: Just to set the record straight: the Department of Tourism's main slogan is still the same. WE ARE NOT GETTING RID OF "IT'S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES." In fact, we still use that slogan in all our collaterals.
"Experience The
Philippines" is more of a call to action specifically only for the new ad which will be launched next week. The ad is mostly for foreigners. We are calling them to EXPERIENCE it for themselves how it is to be with Filipinos despite of the not so good news about the Philippines. We will reach out to our stakeholders as well to explain this further.

The ad is still undergoing final editing. What we showed yesterday to the media is merely a work in progress. The final output will be uploaded in our social media platforms after its launch on major networks.

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  1. If I am from another country and I read "ITS MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES" I would definitely get excited going to that country. But if I read "Experience the Philippines" there is really NO APPEAL on it. You can say Experience Britain, Experience Japan, Experience Australia...there is just no excitement. "ITS MORE FUN" has an X-Factor.

  2. Your people assigned to your Customer Service Dept. need to be trained more on Customer Relations. I had an encounter with one of your employee in this department who was obnoxious, no knowledge of what a customer service employee does, and above all, believed she is untouchable. I don't know her name but my conversation with her can be traced on your system. You will lose customers because of this person.

  3. I agree with Anonymous 1. "it's more fun in the ...." is more catchy and appealing. Experience the Philippines is bland. Whoever thought of the new slogan is I think lacks imagination and creativeness, which may be a reflection of the DOT now.

  4. I as well go with " It's more fun in the Philippines!" rather than with "Experience the Philippines"... basically because when you say It's more fun...then definitely you'll want to experience it!