Cebu Pacific kicks off Christmas 2018 at NAIA Terminals 3 and 4

Cebu Pacific Promo: Leading Philippine carrier Cebu Pacific, in partnership with the Manila International Airport Authority, kicks off the yuletide season by decking out its main Manila hub—the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3—with d├ęcor that reflects the holiday cheer. NAIA Terminal 4—used by its inter-island domestic subsidiary Cebgo, will likewise be decorated for the holiday season by Cebu Pacific.

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From L-R: Mr. Alexander Lao, President and Chief Execurive Officer of Cebgo; Atty. JR Mantaring, CEB Vice President for Corporate Affairs; Mr. Milky Evangelista, MIAA; Mr. Dante Basanta, NAIA Terminal 3 Terminal Manager; Mr. Eddie Monreal, General Manager of MIAA;  Mr. Michael Shau, Chief Operating Officer of CEB; Ms. Candice Iyog, CEB Vice President for Marketing and Distribution; Mr. Alex Reyes, CEB Vice President for Cargo; Ms. Bing Stoifl, Director for External Affairs.

 has been operating out of the NAIA Terminal 3 since 2008. It has been our home for the last ten years and it is only fitting to mark this milestone with a festive holiday display," said Michael Ivan Shau, the newly-appointed Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Cebu Pacific.

11.11 Seat Sale with Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific Promo Fares: Make a wish it is 11.11 sale galore with a number of shopping sites online so as Cebu Pacific. Get the lowest fare at Php 11.11

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Quoted DOMESTIC one way base faresare inclusive of 7 kg hand carry baggage allowance, but exclusive of Web Admin Fee, 12% VAT, Terminal Fees and Fuel Surcharge.

Promo Fares Starting at Php 399

Cebu Pacific Promo: So we are almost approaching the end of the year. Have you achieved your travelgoals you have set at the beginning of the year? Luckily, Cebu Pacific has a new offer for us of a cheaper fare starting at Php 399 ALL-In fare coming from either Cebu or Clark. Whether your planning on a vacation with friends or with love ones, you can definitely extend it to March of next year. So do book your tickets ahead of time with this Cebu Pacific Promos.

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The next possible cheaper flight you can get is a trip to Boracay (Kalibo) or Tacloban. Yes, the famous beach known in the world for its pristine waters and white sand is now open to both local and foreign tourists. It's definitely back with a bang! If you're from Manila, you can avail a one way ticket at Php 499 only.

Php 299 Domestic Cebu Pacific Promos 2019

Cebu Pacific Promo Fares: Do you hear those bells ringing? Familiar with the holiday songs on air been played on the radio? You can really tell it's Christmas! And Cebu Pacific definitely grants your wish for a promo fare! This time, the cheapest plane fare you can get is Php 299 All-in. Routes is either from Cebu to Bacolod or Cagayan de Oro or from Cagayan de Oro to Iloilo.

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Of course, other select domestic flights are also on promo as well. Especially going to Bacolod, Tagbilaran, Zamboanga, Dumaguete.

We would highly encourage you to read down below for the rest of the Cebu Pacific Promo Fares 2019 travel.

Php 199 All In Promo to select Destinations

Cebu Pacific Promo: What's good about the last quarter of the year is the many offerings of promo fares by local airlines. This would be of our advantage to book affordable plane tickets especially from Cebu Pacific. As the recent announcement of the airline, the are having a ticket sale to some domestic destinations starting with their cheapest, Php 199 All-in Fare from Cebu to Clark or Kalibo.

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For those coming from Cebu, take this simple leap to visit the new Boracay thru Kalibo. Traveling for this promo starts from November 15, 2018 to March 31, 2019.

Flash Sale Promo: VISA

Cebu Pacific Promo Fares: To all frequent flyers with Cebu Pacific, here's something to take advantage to. The VISA Flash Sale! If you have VISA credit cards, you can avail the cheapest flight tickets you can book in two days! Promo code: VISA.

The cheapest route one can get is a flight destination from Manila to Kota Kinabalu at Php 294 as the base fare only. Do grab that chance using your card and book it! Of course fees and mandatory taxes do apply.

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However, the low cost airline has introduced now its international promo sale for as low as Php 1299 and you will have the option to fly to Japan, Korea, Macau and more dream destinations!

For As Low as Php 199 Cebu Pacific Promo

Cebu Pacific Promo: To all our readers and avid plane passengers of Cebu Pacific, this is the latest promo we have known before this month ends. As you can see, the cheapest plane ticket that one can buy is Php 199 (base fare). You may check below which route has that value. The recent promo fare is not only limited to domestic flights but to international flights as well.

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Below are the exact destination details with their corresponding base fare info.  It is cheaper now to visit Kalibo or Tacloban. There is a limitation to this promo. That is, Cebu is the BASE STATION where one can avail such promo offering. So those coming from the Queen City of the South, Cebu will be able to take advantage of this recent Cebu Pacific promo.

Of course, other regional flights are also options like Bacolod, Dumaguete, Gen San, Davao to name a few.

Bagyong Ompong Advisory ng Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific Advisory: This is the latest update from Cebu Pacific Air. Advisory 2.
Typhoon Ompong (International name: Mangkhut)
As of 7:00PM, September 13, 2018 

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Due to Typhoon Ompong (International name: Mangkhut), Cebu Pacific and Cebgo have already cancelled and notified passengers on the following flights:

September 14, 2018 (Friday)

•5J 506/507 Manila-Tuguegarao-Manila
•5J 192/193 Manila-Cauayan-Manila
•5J 821/822 Manila-Virac-Manila
•DG 6111/6112 Manila-Naga-Manila
•DG 6009/6010 Manila-Basco-Manila

September 15, 2018 (Saturday)

•5J 504/505 Manila-Tuguegarao-Manila
•5J 506/507 Manila-Tuguegarao-Manila
•5J 196/197 Manila-Cauayan-Manila
•DG 6009/6010 Manila-Basco-Manila

Ceb Pac Promo Fare of Php 699 from Cebu!

Cebu Pacific Promo: It's about time to continue to be quick in booking cheaper fares now! Just a flash info, the cheapest plane ticket you can book is a one way route from Cebu to Tacloban at Php 699. This is one of the best offers of Cebu Pacific Air. So grab it!

Sale Period is until July 29, 2018.
Travel Period is until December 31, 2018.

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Just less than Php 1k is also a trip from Cebu to CDO or Clark. And CDO to Bacolod. Perhaps, you can take advantage to book a ticket for he MassKara Festival in city of smiles, Bacolod.

Piso Pair Promo Php 99 + Php 1

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Piso Pair Promo: We want to warn you ahead of time. You have to be really quick this time to book a ticket. Cebu Pacific just recently announced their 2-day PISO PAIR all routes sale! Here's how it works. You need to purchase 1 tickets costing you with a base fare of Php 99 and you can get another ticket for your friend for just only Php 1 for the base fare! How is that? You will only need to spend Php 100 total for the base fare for 2 tickets!

Of course, taxes and applicable fees do apply. This is open to both domestic and international flights.

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However, you can only book these tickets and avail such promo if you are paying online or via credit card! Could be sad for some but that is just the limitation of such PISO PAIR promo.

Cheapest Promo Fare is Php 1199

Cebu Pacific Promo: Are your eyes still hook at the computer monitor in looking for promos? This is a nice update from Cebu Pacific Air! The recent promo update is good until the end of the year. So better scroll down up to the last letter of this post to check which domestic destination is the cheapest. As of this writing. The most affordable one way ticket you can purchase only is Php 1199. The base station is Manila.

So from the capital city, you can book a ticket to Isabela, Cebu, Iloilo, Legazpi or Masbate. There is so much to do in these places. Better grab this opportunity of low fares and find some instagrammable spots when you are in these locations. Tip: you can never go wrong with the Queen city of the South, Cebu!

Independence Day Promo as Low as Php 1499

Cebu Pacific Promo: While we celebrate our 120th Independence Day as a country. This low cost airline, Cebu Pacific has introduced a promo fare for as low as you Php 1499 on based fares. You can take advantage of such this time. Sale is only valid until June 17, 2018 or until seats will last.

If you haven't been to new places, we thought this is the best time to book a plane ticket and go somewhere else. Like those in Cebu can check Surigao or Tandag in Mindanao. If you are based in Manila, a trip to Isabel, Tuguegarao or Pagadian could be an option.

999 Promo Fare for this Month

Cebu Pacific Promo: What's up dear folks and fellow travelers? How's your travel goals so far? We are almost approaching have of the year now. And we are definitely sure, this summer, we've been checking new places or revisiting some spots we've been too. Well, for the the travel addicts like us, we are on on the look for Cebu Pacific Promo fares. And the current cheaper fare we can book is around Php 999. That is going to the land of chicken inasal and the city of smiles! No brainer, you guess it right, it's Bacolod. A one way ticket from Cebu is definitely on the dot! So if you are here in the Visayas, in the Queen city of the South, this is definitely an advantage.

If still looking for Piso Fare this 2018? Don't be disappointed if the Cebu Pacific has not released one. There are a few domestic and international routes that we can book with the travel period starting from May 16.

Promo fare of Php 22 for Cebu Pacific's Anniversary

Cebu Pacific Promo Fares: As you know, it has been 22 years when Cebu Pacific started to service flights to the Filipino people and other countries worldwide. As the low cost airline in the country, Cebu Pacific will celebrate it's 22nd Anniversary in the business. Promo might run from March 8 to 9, 2018. One can purchase tickets through their GetGo Credit, Debit or Credit cards.

The Php 22 is for the BASE Fare of the plane ticket. Expect mandatory FEES and TAXES to be added to the ticket but that's just very minimal.

Php 1299 to Tuguegarao

Cebu Pacific Promo Fares: A lot of international routes is on SALE. It's a perfect time to travel to our neighboring Asian cities and get to know the culture, scenic spots, history, customs of people, the art and most importantly, the food! As or the current Cebu Pacific promo, it is cheaper to visit Kota Kinabalu this time than to go to Boracay (Caticlan), Davao, Dumaguete, Naga, Roxas, Tablas or Virac. Of course, that is just basing on the plane ticket. You have to consider expenses that you might need to incur. But it is good to weigh things out. What is Php 1699 compared to Php 1799?

As of this point, a domestic flight to Tuguegarao is the cheapest you can get. But where is Tuguegarao? It is a province in the Cagayan Valley Region. It is definitely in the Northeastern part of Luzon, Philippines.

Php 899 promo to Boracay!

Cebu Pacific Piso Fare 2018: The Php 899 promo is back for more chances to travel to Boracay island come early summer this year! We believe that it is better to take advantage of this current Cebu Pacific promo fare to achieve that #travelgoals with friends and family. Definitely get ready with this quick getaway with nowhere but here in our country, Philippines. Other domestic destinations are also set on promo especially those coming from Cagayan De Oro, Davao, Cebu and Iloilo will enjoy the luxury to book such affordable plane ticket.


If you want to compare a flight to Kota Kinabalu against a domestic destination here in the Philippines, it will be cheaper to fly to Kota.  Those coming from Manila can enjoy to book for an international trip to these destinations  Ho Chi Minh, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore or Xiamen.

Cebu Pacific Summer Promo 2018

Cebu Pacific Piso Fare 2018: This is something we should be grateful for! Most of the Cebu Pacific promo fares last week has been extended. And this could only mean that we have more chances to book a plane ticket on promo to any select domestic destination in which the cheapest fare still available is Php 899. That is the same flight from Cebu to Kalibo (Boracay). Of  course we just don't set our eyes set full on it as there are other domestic flights on promo as well. Those coming from Manila may have the advantage to visit Boracay directly or Coron for that matter.

Travel Goals 2018

Summer is definitely near and this means that a lot of tourists both local and international are eyeing to spend their hot vacation in the beautiful island and pristine beach waters of Boracay! With that in mind, airline companies and even hotels and online booking sites in the Philippines are starting to offer promo packages and/or hot deals to their prospective clients.

Latest Promo Fare is Php 899

Cebu Pacific Promo Fares: Still thinking of your next vacation? Were you sad not able to book the recent Piso Fare Promo that Cebu Pacific offered last week? Don't be! Summer is just about two months away from now. It will be the time to achieve those #travelgoals. Of course, it the location is a bit far from where you are, it might be necessary to book a plane ticket to be at your destination. But of course, when we speak of summer, there's a lot of possibilities. So this time, be ready with your computers to book the most affordable fare for as low as Php 899.

We all know that the island of Boracay, it's pristine waters and white sand beaches is one of the great wonders in the world. And many Filipinos and majority of foreign tourists would love to be experiencing the Boracay feel. And this time is the perfect opportunity to really book a ticket and fulfill the dream of a summer vacation.