PHP3 hourly flash deals, this 3.3 only!

Cebu Pacific Promo: To all travelers out there and fans of Cebu Pacific, the leading low cost airline of the country is offering a Super Seat Fest! 3.3. How will this work? Every TWO hours, the airline will have a ticket sale on different routes. Schedule is below. And the best part is, it is only Php 3 for the BASE FARE! I'm sure this is something fun and exciting. Just keep in mind on your targeted destinations.

Travel Period:
September 1, 2019 to February 29, 2020

Directly check PROMOS at the TOP and SIDE links of this post. 

Pls. be guided with these schedules where tickets for certain destinations is only at Php 3 for base fares:

12 to 2 AM - Dubai and Philippine Beaches
2 to 4 AM - Philippine Islands
4 to 6 AM - Manila - Luzon
6 to 8 AM - Clark and Iloilo Hubs
8 to 10 AM - Cebu Hub
10 to 12 NN - Japan and Korea
12 nn to 2 PM - ASEAN
2 to 4 PM - Australia & Guam
4 to 6 PM - China, HK, Taipei, and Macau
6 to 8 PM - Singapore
8 to 10 PM - Davao and CDO Hubs
10 to 12 mn - Manila - Domestic

Again, mandatory fees and taxes still applies when you book your tickets.

DISCLAIMER / Cebu Pacific reserves the right to change, modify and cancel this promotion without prior notice. We will not be held liable for any delay or failure on the part of subscribers to receive seat sale alert notifications for any reason, including an inactive email account, or technical difficulties associated therewith.

Collated and reposted by: Cebu Pacific Promo Fares


  1. How to book po this promo. ..

  2. what a crock!!!Put on FLASH SALES and a page that doesn't accept bookings!

  3. What a crock!!!Pull us to a page with ticket fares and no way to book!Crooks

  4. How to book?we are routed on the page.

  5. Interested and please assist in booking..thanks

    1. we don't do bookings in here. you can book at

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