Snap Sale at Php 99 Base Fare!

Cebu Pacific Promo Fares:  Here's another Snap Sale happening with Cebu Pacific. Starting with the Base Fare of Php 99 for some select domestic flights. Of course, if taking the international route, the cheapest one can book for a one-way trip is Php 499. How is that? More information below when you finish reading it until the end of this post.

So what are the travel dates?

TRAVEL PERIOD: August 15, 2019 - November 30, 2019

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You book your plane tickets at

Are you ready which destinations in the Philippines are part of the snap sale?

Philippine Destinations

For as low as

P 99

Cebu to Bacolod, Dumaguete, Iloilo, Kalibo, or Tacloban

Iloilo to Puerto Princesa

Manila to Naga

Zamboanga to Cotabato

SALE PERIOD: UP TO July 18, 2019 OR UNTIL SEATS LAST | TRAVEL PERIOD: August 15, 2019 - November 30, 2019

Here are snapshots we took when trying to book at the Cebu Pacific website.

Based on this proof, for a base fare of Php 99, your possible total plane ticket is Php 756.28 as there are mandatory fees and taxes that you need to pay.  This is a one-way ticket from Cebu to Bacolod on a flight on Sep 2, 2019.

Above we have a direct flight from Manila to Naga. The total cost of the plane fare is only Php 677.12 with the taxes and fees included. As you know, it will really depend on the destination.

International Destinations

For as low as

P 499

Manila to Shenzhen
*Travel Period: August 01, 2019 to October 26, 2019

This is an actual proof of how much you are going to pay when you book a flight to Shenzhen from Manila having a base fare of Php 499. Approximately around Php 1614.00. It is pretty much an affordable international ticket.

For as low as

P 799

Cebu to Hong Kong

Clark to Hong Kong, Macau, or Tokyo (Narita)

Iloilo to Hong Kong

Manila to Bali (Denpasar), Fukuoka, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Nagoya, Osaka, or Shanghai

The above photo is a  booking summary of a one-way ticket from Manila to Hong Kong.  It is nearly Php 1900. So this is to give you an idea on how much will you probably spend when you take advantage of this Cebu Pacific Snap Sale!

For as low as


Cebu or Kalibo to Seoul (Incheon)

For as low as


Manila to Guam

For as low as


Manila to Melbourne

For as low as


Manila to Sydney

SALE PERIOD: UP TO July 17, 2019 OR UNTIL SEATS LAST | TRAVEL PERIOD: September 01, 2019 - November 30, 2019

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  1. Why all this idiocy?Put a link "BOOK NOW" and you have people booking!You always CREATE pages to get traffic to your webpage,then nobody can book!What a crock!!!!

    1. how about Roxas Mnla and Mla Roxas no promo?