Piso Fare March 2020

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Cebu Pacific: #MaySeatSaleBa skrrrrting this midnight para sa Baryaheros? When the clock hits 12 mid night on March 3, 2020, it is time for the Piso Fare Promo. This is Cebu Pacific's Super Seat Fest! Take note of the different dates with specific promo schedules for both domestic and international flights.

Sale Period is until March 5, 2020.
Travel Period is September 1, 2020 to February 28, 2021

Of course, more PROMOS you can find at the SIDE and TOP of this post. Feel free to click and check them. 

March 3 - ALL Domestic Sale (All day)

March 4 - ALL International Sale (All day)

March 5 - ALL Destinations Sale (All day)

*Please note, only ONLINE payments are accepted! But don't worry, you can pay online if you install PAYMAYA. Just refer below on how to pay using paymaya.

How to pay for the Piso Fare tickets?

It is time to buy P1 Fare tickets with Cebu Pacific that requires online payment. This is possible even without a credit card account tied to your bank. How? It is easy. If you are having a hard time getting one or is afraid to have one, there is an easy to actually get one without the hassled of the bank requirements.

There is an app on that you can download and install called PAYMAYA on your cellphone.  It can be used as a debit card or a credit card in buying items online like your Cebu Pacific plane ticket.

You can download it on Google Playstore or in Apple App Store. You may download and register here: https://paymaya.page.link/refer

Get Php 50 for FREE when you sign-up and upgrade to PayMaya using our invite code below!

Use our REFERRAL CODE: 3wewgk8

Something to note, you have to click the "UPGRADE" button on the app after and input some information like uploading a valid ID. Wait for the verification process, and once approved, you may now start using the virtual card.

Just make sure to LOAD it with cash through a number of loading stations like 711, SM Malls, Robinsons Mall,  Palawan, Cebuana, Banks like online banking. Be Cashless when you shop in malls too as most stores accepts PAYMAYA

After loading it with cash, you may start booking tickets on the Cebu Pacific website.

Again, don't forget the referral code when you register and account and "UPGRADE" it. You may use PAYMAYA in paying utility bills or use it in lazada or shoppee.

Use our REFERRAL CODE: 3wewgk8

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    1. Please check guidelines above. Every info you need is well explained above.

  2. Replies
    1. you can download and install paymaya to book tickets online even without a credit card. pls. refer to the info above on how to book tickets.

  3. Paano po mag pa book ng ticket?

    1. instructions are already posted above. please take time to read po. thanks.

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