Cebu Pacific Flights Remain Cancelled

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A few hours ago, following through after the presscon with the President of the Republic of the Philippines, Cebu Pacific has issued a statement that all their flights for both local and international routes remain to be suspended as ECQ is not yet lifted on major cities and main hubs of the airline in the country until May 15, 2020. However, other parts of the country wherein provinces with no or less than confirmed cases of COVID19 is put under general community quarantine. LGUs are expected to still implement their own guidelines of the local quarantine.

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Cebu Pacific still continues to service their cargo flights across the country to transport essential goods.
Passenger transportation is still yet to resume once the ecq is lifted in the entire country. This blog post will be updated once there is information that the airline is ready resume its operations in both domestic and international flights.

In our previous blog post, we have listed 3 possible ways that passengers can do for their cancelled flights, please refer to Rebook or Refund for canceled Cebu Pacific flights.

These are the three flexible self-service options:




Can you buy airline tickets without a credit card?

Be ready, once the ECQ is lifted, flight operations would resume and expect airlines to be back in business. This means, tickets will be available for purchase. It is important that you will be ready to do too online as it will be a lot easier.  So, how do you actually buy a plane ticket online?

All you need is to download and install the PAYMAYA app on your mobile phone. You may download and register here:

This works like a debit or credit card. You can use it in a lot of ways aside from buying plane tickets with Cebu Pacific. You can use it in paying for your utility bills like electricity, water and internet. Of course, if you prefer shopping online for groceries and other essentials, you may do so pay for the items using the balance in your e-wallet in paymaya.

Get P50 for FREE when you sign-up to PayMaya using our invite code after you have UPGRADED your PAYMAYA account.

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You have to UPGRADE your account for you to receive the P50 free credit. Just look for the 'UPGRADE' button on your app. Simply follow the steps to fill in your data. You will be asked to upload your IDs for verification as well as take a photo of your self using your mobile phone. A verification team will review your account withing 24 hours and you will then be notified of your successful account upgrade.

A P50 free load will then be credited to your paymaya account after the approval of your upgrade.

How to load cash to your wallet in paymaya?

Just make sure to LOAD it with cash through a number of loading stations like 711, SM Malls, Robinsons Mall,  Palawan, Cebuana, Banks like online banking. Be Cashless when you shop in malls too as most stores accepts PAYMAYA.

After loading it with cash, you may start booking tickets on the Cebu Pacific website or make online transactions.

Again, don't forget to user our REFERRAL CODE to get that P50 credit direct to your account.

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