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The low cost airline of the country, Cebu Pacific has stopped it's operations for both domestic and international flights a few weeks ago due to the mandate of the Philippine government as a measure to contain the spread of the corona virus disease pandemic.

If you're familiar with the airline's official magazine, SMILE  that is readily available on each passengers seat on every plane is now made available for download for FREE. So even if you have not boarded the Cebu Pacific plane because of the flight suspension, you still get the chance to read the magazine at the comforts of your home through your mobilephones or laptops or ipads. This is their 2nd Quarter 2020 issue.

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So while you are home with family and keeping safe and healthy, this is something to keep you company. As usual, it contained great stories and inspiring travel articles --including photos  the features a lot of the trips taken by some traveling feet like any travel bug.

You may download the SMILE magazine for free here.

However, here are some stories in a nutshell that you might interested to read.

Story 1: By Staying Home Now, We Can All #TravelTomorrow

Here's an excerpt of the post...

It’s summertime and the skies are clear but the beaches and other tourist spots remain empty. Disappointed that you’ve had to cancel your flights and hotel bookings? We get it. But the effects of your cancelled trips are more far-reaching than the lack of #YOLO posts on your Instagram.

All those cancelled trips collectively have an impact on the tourism industry, which is especially vulnerable to the pandemic. The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) says that 80% of the tourism sector is made up of small- and medium-sized businesses — which means this crisis has left millions struggling with the temporary loss of their livelihood.

More of it here:

Story 2: The Emergency Library: Free Books in the Time of Self-Isolation

There are a lot of generous organizations offering catalogs to the public for free. This is one way to encourage all to stay at home and get something to read in the hope to stop the contagion. There is a global call that request people to practice self-isolation and social distancing. Reason that libraries and other publications all over the world managed to open extensive catalogs to the public for free.

Here is an excerpt of the article...

We have been heeding the call for community quarantine — while tireless front-liners work to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 around the world — and, for some of us, reading can be a curious consolation. A readily available “solace” for those privileged enough to help stem the tide of the virus just by staying home. (A passage from the wartime diary of journalist Teodoro M Locsin becomes startlingly relevant: “The war has given me what I never had before: time to read as much as I like. I had several books I bought and never found the leisure to read. I had given them up as money lost. During the last three weeks, I was able, between alarms and all-clears, to finish reading them all. The war has been an unexpected dividend.”)

Complete text here:

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