The New Normal with Cebu Pacific

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Cebu Pacific Promo Fare - Are you all itching to travel by plane just like us? Cebu Pacific is definitely preparing now for their contactless flights which is now considered as the 'new normal' in the travel industry. A lot of us might be stranded somewhere with flights been canceled during the enhanced quarantine community and it lead us to change plans. Some might be longing to see their families and love ones. Cebu Pacific is definitely preparing when their operations will be back soonest.

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Of course, the low cost airline, Cebu Pacific is definitely having measures of a contactless flights with their passengers considering all the protocols to avoid the covid19.
The airline will make sure that social distancing is observed and there is minimal or less chance for a face-to-face contact between their staff and passengers.

So let us check the introduction of their New Normal

Wearing of PPEs

The ground servicing personnel of the airline are expected to wear a Personal Protective Equipment or PPE during the entire duration of their working shift. Disinfection will always be frequently administered in their shuttle buses, kiosks, check-in counters. There will be alcohol and hand sanitizers readily available for guest passengers and service crews or staff at the terminal.

Self-check in and no-touch boarding

For faster processing and contactless check-in, passengers are highly suggested to do an online check-in prior to boarding. Of course, the usual 2 hours lead way are expected for all passengers prior to their flight. The check-in counters will be closed an hour before their flights already. Those having 2 luggage, the passengers are advised to assign someone to have it processed at the bag drop-off counters. There will be a no-touch boarding. Passengers should show their boarding pass with the barcode facing the ticket inspector.

Wearing face masks

When traveling by plane, Cebu Pacific will make it mandatory for all passengers to wear a face mask during the entire duration of their flight. The necessary waste disposal will be observed. All hand-carry bags should be placed in the overhead bids of the aircraft. Social distancing will always be mandatory leaving the middle seat vacant to separate passengers on board. Cabin crews will strictly implement such policies as well as certain deplaning measures that all passengers should follow.

Mass testing before flights

All employees of Cebu Pacific, their ground crews, their pilots, the cabin crews will need to be tested using the rapid antibody testing before they work or board the plane. This is to ensure to help the country's quest to flatten the curve. They are also expected to wear their designated PPEs, gloves, face masks, the use of alcohol and hand sanitizers and disinfecting methods.

Air Cleaning

When inside the aircraft, Cebu Pacific will assure all its passengers a safe and clean air. All their airbus are equipped with High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor or HEPA filters blocking any microscopic bacteria and viruses and that definitely includes the dreaded novel corona virus. It claims to have a 99.99% efficiency. Of course, they will also have a thorough daily disinfection of their airbuses to maintain a clean air circulation in accordance to the established protocols and measures set by World Health Organization (WHO) and the Bureau of Quarantine.

As early as now, Cebu Pacific is taking these new normal measures and procedures seriously for the safety of everyone.

Can we buy tickets of Cebu Pacific online?

Since, we should observe social distancing, buying tickets online is definitely highly suggested for all passengers. Therefore the options of buying tickets online remains to the best choice at the moment. Again, Cebu Pacific has always have this feature even before the enhanced community quarantine.

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